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OC Pageant Round 4 - ERROR
About her Clothes: Normally in summer you would wear less clothing, but not if your body is made out of metal that heats up when it's exposed to too much sunlight to the point wehere you can make an omlett on on it Also computers don't do well with overheating.

To avoid that and some problems with her systems (If her head heats up too much she is unable to see anything cause it messes with her sensores) she wears more clothes and in her shoulders and in her Hat are even build in cooling oil that circles throug her body. All that extends the time she can be in the sun.

Round 4: Summer fashion show!

Theme 1: beautiful summer.
Name: Eglantina (Wild Rose)
Age: A few Days
Whight: 120kg (61lb)
Hight: 195m With Heels (6'5'')
Gender: Appears Female
Species: Legion

Alignment: Chaotic good

- Everything fast
- Everything funny
- Big Cars
- New things
- Talking
- Walking / Running

- That her body is made out of wood
- People who gets in her way
- To Wait
- Standing still
- That she' going to die
- Wasting time
- That she doesn't feel pain
- That she can't cry
- That she's going to die

- Insanely Fast on her feet
- Can turn every joint of her body by 360 degrees
- Can "eat" magic to replenish her reserves
- Can contort her body in impossible ways
- An extraodinary sense of smelling magic
- Doesn't get exhausted
- Doesn't sleep
- Immune to Poison
- Immune to mind control

- Barly any magic reserves
- Gets drunk if she "eats" too much Magic
- Vomits out every bit of magic that goes over
  her natural reserves
- Her limbs can easily be ripped off
- Not very strong
- Weak against anything mundane
- Questions about herself leaves her defenseless
- Relyes more on her short term memory
- Thinking for too long can paralyze or even kill her
- Destroyed body parts cannot be repaired
- Short life span
- She can't move if her magic reserves get too low
- More concerned to've fun than actually win

Eglantina is very aware of her/it's inevitable death.
But she/it also has enough knowledge to know that it i's futile to search for a cure for her condition.
So instead of trying to save herself, she/it just wants to have fun for the little time she/it still has left to live.
All the while she/it has to deal with the large majority of the souls inside of her trying to take control over her.
She isn't allowed to think too much or she gives those souls an opportunity to take over, so most times she forgets things that were happening a while back.
What means that she's constantly supresses her inner voices and every bad thing that happened to her just to've fun in her last days or weeks till she dies.
If ever her souls would get control her behavior whould turn into an insane rambling and nonsense stuttering.

Eglantina is an amalgamation of souls that was just recently accidentally created.
It has no gender, but appears in a female form.
When it came into existence an internal conflict caused the more knowledgeable souls inside of her
to block out the other souls so that it could even move.
However, because it is made out of a mixture of magic it is highly unstable and is constantly eating away itself and that means Eglantina will soon die.
What makes her live even worse is that her wooden body can't be repaired from any damage it receives.

>>>> Powers <<<<
Her Magic revolves around the tendrils that are growing out of her body.
And these tendrils are the reason that she can even move around in the first place, if her magic gets too low she'll break down and won't be able to move till she has absorbed enough magic that she needs to move.
These tendrils were created from mixed magic and are capable of absorbing magic, however most of the magic that is absorbed is actually burned away or gets scrambled into the air.
Also, these tendrils are very brittle, so you can easily rip them apart, they turn into ash if seperated.

Limited shape shifting
She has limited shape shifting abilities that actually is more like clay molding the tendrils into the appereance into what she want's it to be.
However, she's not a very talented artist so copying another person is out of the question.
Also, everything she makes is verry brittle and can easily be ripped off.

Sense of smell
What comes over as smelling is actually a mixture of fortune telling and magic identifying.
By "smelling" a magic sent she can tell to a certain degree where that magic comes from and what's it doing right now.
The stronger the smell the more things she knows about it.

Her speed is more like time dilation where she moves faster than the world around her rather than just quick movement. What makes her capable of speeding up like a racecar and also lets her react very fast to danger.

Densified tendrils
By concentrating tendrils into one small area, mostly her fingertips, she can create a hard metal like substance that is hot enough to melt  steel.
However, it costs way too much magic for her to be able for constant usage.

Audition -…

You can ignore this Journal if you feel like it.
This is moor for me than it is for you.

Well, Last year was not the best year for me.
I tryed literraly to do everything at the same time, and ended up only making a mess of things
Some of you who've seen my last entrys of that year might know what i'm talking about.

I simply rushed from one thing to another not giving it time to actuall become anything good.
I felt always aweful submitting something like that but i did it again and again.

But then my drawing pad didnt work anymore last year, and i paniced a little.
I couldn't finish my pictures or enter any OCT's that i wanted to enter.
It was at that point that i realised that i needed a break from all this.
only dropping by from time to time.

Heck my inbox had like over 15000 messages inside.

So iv'e been slowly comming back to DA for the last few months.
I'm not going to let anything dictate my working pace ever again.
And also finish some stuff from last year ... and beyond.
Mostly to ease my mind.

And i try to comment more on pictures and other stuff.
  • Listening to: Heather Alexander - Fairy Queen
  • Reading: Deamon Road - by Derek Landy
  • Watching: Jojos Bizzar Adventure
  • Playing: Pen & Paper
  • Eating: food (what else?)


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